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Issue 32 - May 2007




Cuba Facts is an ongoing series of succinct fact sheets on various topics, including, but not limited to, political structure, health, economy, education, nutrition, labor, business, foreign investment, and demographics, published and updated on a regular basis by the Cuba Transition Project staff.




     Almost a year after Fidel Castro relinquished power, very little has changed in Cuba.  There has been no structural changes, no economic openings, no new major foreign investments.  Cuba remains one of the most centralized countries in the world.  Government control of the political institutions remains complete.  And most economic sectors are under government and/or military control.  The following list shows how extensive government centralization continues in the island.


What does the Cuban Government own/control


Educational System                                                                           100%

Communications (Including all media, internet, publishing, etc.)         100%

Cultural Institutions (Including movies, theatres, etc.)                       100%

Land/Buildings                                                                                   100%

Businesses/Industries                                                        (close to)  100%

(Except for a few joint ventures or leases with foreign companies)

Transportation                                                                                   100%

Hotels/Tourist Resorts                                                     (close to)  100%

(Except for a few joint ventures or leases with foreign companies)

Natural Resources                                                             (close to)  100%

(Except for a few joint ventures or leases with foreign companies)

Electricity/Water                                                                               100%

Retail Stores                                                                     (close to)  100%

(Except for very small businesses, such as vendors, individual

 repair people, and small restaurants)

Wholesale Businesses                                                                             100%

Imports                                                                                              100%

Exports                                                                                               100%

Food production/distribution                                           (close to)   100%

(Except for small farmer’s markets where state agricultural

workers are allowed to sell surplus food)

Labor unions                                                                                     100%

Hospitals and Clinics                                                                         100%

Ports/Airports                                                                                    100%

Banks/Exchange House (Except for select Foreign Banks    (close to) 100%

                                                operating in Cuba)                                              

Political Parties                                                                                 100%

(The only party allowed in Cuba is the Communist Party)                             100% Judicial/Legislative Branch                                                                   100%

(Controlled by the Executive and by Cuba’s Communist party)          

State /Local Government                                                                  100%  (Officials are appointed by the central government with

 the approval of Cuba’s Communist Party)






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