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Issue 54-March 2011



Cuba Facts is an ongoing series of succinct fact sheets on various topics, including, but not limited to, political structure, health, economy, education, nutrition, labor, business, foreign investment, and demographics, published and updated on a regular basis by the Cuba Transition Project staff.


Some Similarities Between Cuba and Libya




  • Gaddafi has repressed the Libyan people for 42 years.
  • The Castro brothers have repressed the Cuban people for over 50 years.
  • Gaddafi sponsored the bombing of PanAm flight 103; killing 269 people.


  • The Castro brothers' Air Force bombed a Bahamian patrol boat, the Flamingo, on May 10, 1980; killing four Bahamian Defence Force Marines.
    On orders from the Castro brothers, Cuban Migs shot two small planes in international waters in 1996; killing three Americans and one Cuban-American.
  • Gaddafi has supported terrorist groups.
  • The Castro brothers have trained and supported terrorist groups.
  • Gaddafi is shooting at his people.
  • The Castro brothers shot and sunk an unarmed tugboat trying to leave the island in 1994; killing 68 men, women, and children.
    In 1994 Castros' police shot at Cubans during the riots known as "El Maleconazo."
  • Gaddafi has pillaged his country's resources and enriched himself.
  • The Castro brothers have pillaged the resources of their country and enriched themselves.
  • Gaddafi is an enemy of the U.S.
  • The Castro brothers are enemies of the U.S.; spying on the U.S. military; supporting anti-American groups throughout the world; forming alliances with Iran, Venezuela, etc.




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